7-Day Healthy Eating Challenge

7 day healthy eating challenge

Now that I am getting the working out thing down, it’s time to focus on my eating because I need to lose weight. I have decided to give myself a  7-day healthy eating challenge. I thought by doing a short-term plan, it will help me transition into a permanent one more easily. As a binge eater, eating healthy is very difficult, so anything I can do to make it easier, I am going to do it.

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Insanity Max 30: Almost done with Month Two, Week One

I am nearing the end of Max 30 Month Two Week One, and I am loving this program all over again. The last time I did a full round was summer 2016, and I did the modified version throughout the 60 days. THIS round, I am mostly doing unmodified, falling back on the modifier when I have to.

Max 30 Month Two Week One
Me after my workouts lol

When I compare myself physically this round to the last one, I am a lot stronger than I was summer 2016, and I love it! Granted, this workout is still hard, it makes me feel great to know I can do the unmodified version. Just knowing that I can do moves now that I couldn’t back then, well, it’s highly motivating and makes me want to keep going and not give up!

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Insanity: Max 30 Weeks 3 and 4 Update

Technically, this week I should be in Month 2, Week 1 of Insanity: Max 30, but I took a week off from working out at the beginning of Week 4. So, I am doing Week 4 this week.

Week 3 went great, and I finished strong, but then as I was supposed to start Week 4, I lost my mojo. I was in one of my funks I get in from time to time. I hate them, but it comes with the territory when one has depression. I knew it would not last long, so I told myself when it was over, I would get my ass back to working out. Plus, I knew exercise would help my “funk” and rid me of brain fog.

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Note to self: No drinking for a while

No drinking! If I repeat this enough, maybe I’ll adhere to it. 😀

Last night it was such a beautiful evening. An evening like that called for beer. Hubs and I love sitting out on our deck drinking a beer and enjoying the peacefulness of nature. However, once in a while, I drink more than I should. I never drink more than 3 beers, and most of the time, I just have one or two.

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Insanity Max 30: Week 2 and healthy eating wrap-up

Week 2 was not as good as last week – 4 workouts in versus 6. However, I am not at all disappointed in that. 4 is better than 0.

Sometimes this journey feels like forever. Will I ever get to my goal weight? Will I ever be able to do more than I can right now? But then I looked at the pics below, and I am very happy with myself. It’s a slow process, yes, but anything is better than no process or progress.

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Insanity Max 30 Week 1 Plus Healthy Eating Wrap-up

I completed Week 1 of Insanity: Max 30 yesterday! Woot woot! I worked out SIX out of seven days. I haven’t done that in FOREVER, so I’m really proud of myself for staying dedicated and focused. I followed the Max calendar, but did a HIIT workout yesterday followed by 10 minutes of stretching. I’m realizing I need to work on flexibility, so I’ve decided to add yoga to my routine at least once a week, starting with Week 2.

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Doing MY health and fitness journey MY way

health fitness journey

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how confusing it is when you begin to eat healthier foods. Nowadays, It seems there is always something you shouldn’t eat because oh my god, it will kill you. Well, not really, but some of these nutrition experts would like you to believe so. My head spins sometimes from all the things you should or shouldn’t eat.

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