Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

In my last post, I shared my current measurements as of 8-20-16. I talked about how I haven’t lost much since June, but I’m okay with that. Very true. Slow and steady wins the race, and I’ll tell you – no, I’ll SHOW you – why.


Below are my current progress pics. Please disregard my outdated, messy bathroom and dirty mirror lol.

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Wrapping Up Week 4 of Working Out

After working out
After my workout on 8-19-16

Today ends Week 4 of consistently working out. Tomorrow officially kicks off Month 2 of the program I am using to get back in shape. I’m very proud of myself for not throwing in the towel, because I would have done that a few months ago.

Not this time.

I just posted my newest measurements on the “Measurements” page. In the last two months, there hasn’t been a lot of physical change. I only lost two pounds and two inches.

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Don’t Want to Workout? Do It Anyway

Workout motivation

One thing I was terrible with in the past when it came to working out was that I would use stupid, lame excuses to not do it.

“I’ll do it later.” Would not workout.

“I’m too tired.” Really wasn’t.

“I don’t feel good.” Wasn’t sick.

This morning was probably the lamest of lame.

“Just because.”

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Healthy Teeth and Self-Confidence


When you have healthy teeth, you want to world to see you smile. You’re not afraid to show those pearly whites, and taking selfies isn’t a big deal.

I personally would not know lol.

One thing you will notice in the pics I take of myself is that I rarely smile. Well, it’s because my teeth aren’t that great. I grew up with a gap between my two front teeth, an overbite, and a discoloration on one of the top front teeth. This affected my confidence when speaking with other people, and I rarely (even today) would make eye contact for very long. A great part of it is that I didn’t want people to see my teeth. I grew up with blue-collar parents who never had the money to get my teeth fixed, so it was left up to me to do as an adult. That kind of sucked balls, but that’s just the way it was.

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Working Out = Positive Thoughts, Happiness

For a long time, I was miserable and unhappy with everything. A lot of that stemmed from having a rough childhood and later, a rougher adult life. And a lot of that came from having major depression as well. I’ve said it before, depression is a bitch. She’s cruel and unforgiving, and doesn’t care what you think or feel. She will bring out the worst in you and enjoy it. She will bring you to your knees with a smile.

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Food & Fitness: Making Better Choices

This post was supposed to be posted last week but I was having issues with uploading pics into my post via Android. They would show up horizontally, instead of vertically. Very annoying! Took me all week to figure it out. And of course, it was a simple fix. Smh! I’ll have another post up today!

food & fitness: after workout glowA few years ago when I decided to make a change in my life and started working out, I didn’t fuel my body properly. I had chosen to eat unhealthy food most of the time. I still lost weight and inches, but I should have taken it more seriously.

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