7-Day Healthy Eating Challenge

7 day healthy eating challenge

Now that I am getting the working out thing down, it’s time to focus on my eating because I need to lose weight. I have decided to give myself a  7-day healthy eating challenge. I thought by doing a short-term plan, it will help me transition into a permanent one more easily. As a binge eater, eating healthy is very difficult, so anything I can do to make it easier, I am going to do it.

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Insanity Max 30: Almost done with Month Two, Week One

I am nearing the end of Max 30 Month Two Week One, and I am loving this program all over again. The last time I did a full round was summer 2016, and I did the modified version throughout the 60 days. THIS round, I am mostly doing unmodified, falling back on the modifier when I have to.

Max 30 Month Two Week One
Me after my workouts lol

When I compare myself physically this round to the last one, I am a lot stronger than I was summer 2016, and I love it! Granted, this workout is still hard, it makes me feel great to know I can do the unmodified version. Just knowing that I can do moves now that I couldn’t back then, well, it’s highly motivating and makes me want to keep going and not give up!

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Insanity: Max 30 Weeks 3 and 4 Update

Technically, this week I should be in Month 2, Week 1 of Insanity: Max 30, but I took a week off from working out at the beginning of Week 4. So, I am doing Week 4 this week.

Week 3 went great, and I finished strong, but then as I was supposed to start Week 4, I lost my mojo. I was in one of my funks I get in from time to time. I hate them, but it comes with the territory when one has depression. I knew it would not last long, so I told myself when it was over, I would get my ass back to working out. Plus, I knew exercise would help my “funk” and rid me of brain fog.

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