7-Day Healthy Eating Challenge

7 day healthy eating challenge

Now that I am getting the working out thing down, it’s time to focus on my eating because I need to lose weight. I have decided to give myself a  7-day healthy eating challenge. I thought by doing a short-term plan, it will help me transition into a permanent one more easily. As a binge eater, eating healthy is very difficult, so anything I can do to make it easier, I am going to do it.

What Does This Mean?

Starting June 11, 2017, for seven days (Sunday – Saturday) I will not eat processed foods, junk food or sweets. I will focus on eating protein and healthy carbs and fats. Basically, I am going to follow the 21 Day Fix eating plan because it is so much easier for me than anything else.

The dinner menu for the seven days is 21DF-approved, and will consist of Flatout pizzas, chicken tacos, and chili. I purposely went with dishes that would also provide leftovers. This girl’s on a tight budget! The other meals are also 21DF-approved, but they are easier to make. Examples are scrambled eggs or turkey bacon and toast, a breakfast shake, oatmeal with berries, etc. Lunches will be consist of sandwiches and/or salads, cottage cheese with black beans or pineapple, and dinner leftovers. Snacks will be fruit and veggies or nuts, mostly.

7-day healthy eating challenge 21 Day Fix containers

The Breakdown

Basically, this is how the 21 Day Fix works:

  1. You use containers instead of measuring cups for portion control.
  2. These containers are green (veggies), yellow (carbs), red (protein), purple (fruits), blue (healthy fats), orange (seeds & dressings). You are also allowed so many teaspoons of oils, nut butters, and seed butters.
  3. I get freebies such as herbs, spices, flavor extracts, and certain condiments like mustard.
  4. Eat five times a day!
  5. Do at least 30 minutes of exercise. (I am not doing the 21DF workouts.)

Beachbody created an app for this program and I will use that to keep track of my containers.

Expected Weight Loss

You can lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days on the 21 Day Fix. But seeing how I am only doing one week, I am hoping to lose 2-5. Some of this, it not all will be water weight, and I am okay with that. Overall, in the next month, I am hoping to lose 8-10 pounds, and the same each month after until I reach my goal weight of 130 pounds. I currently weigh 162, but this fluctuates by a pound or two at times.

After the Challenge

I plan on continuing the 21 Day Fix throughout the last month of Max 30 and beyond. I may throw in a cheat meal here and there but not during my 7-day challenge. I know there will be times when I will want pizza or ice cream, so I will let myself have those once in a while.

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