Insanity Max 30 Week 1 Plus Healthy Eating Wrap-up

I completed Week 1 of Insanity: Max 30 yesterday! Woot woot! I worked out SIX out of seven days. I haven’t done that in FOREVER, so I’m really proud of myself for staying dedicated and focused. I followed the Max calendar, but did a HIIT workout yesterday followed by 10 minutes of stretching. I’m realizing I need to work on flexibility, so I’ve decided to add yoga to my routine at least once a week, starting with Week 2.

I feel myself getting stronger and stronger after each workout, and that is very motivating! I WANT to keep going and not give up.

My eating has been on point. I have not cheated once this past week, and I’m being very careful of portion sizes.

I’m reaping small benefits in just one week of being consistent with working out and eating healthy. Honestly, I have no desire for any of the bad food, which surprises me because I figured Week 1 would be the hardest when it came to eating. Both hubby and I are noticing more energy and less aches and pains that come with aging. I’m starting to feel more like my age when I get out of bed versus feeling 30 years older. I LOVE IT!

I have not weighed or measured myself since I started Week 1, and I can’t decide if I’m going to do it today or at the end of Week 2. On one hand, I’m worried that if I do and I don’t see results, I’ll get discouraged. On the other hand, I feel like I should because if there are no results then that means I need to step up my game.

Decisions, decisions.

Week 2 kicks off today and I am more than ready. I’m loving the workouts and eating right. It’s amazing how your body responds to both after a short time. I can’t wait to reap bigger benefits down the road.

Here’s another sneak peek at what I’ve been eating this past week.

Insanity Max 30 healthy eating wrap-up: breakfast dinner
Left: grilled sirloin steak, California mix veggies, and rice. Right: scrambled eggs with a little shredded cheese, bacon, and whole wheat toast topped with PB
Insanity Max 30 healthy eating wrap-up: snack
Love snacking on these!

The steak in the pic above left is sirloin. Don’t be fooled by the size. We pounded it to tenderize the steak, which flattens and elongates it, before marinating. The actual size is probably 4-5 oz. I’m not too worried if it’s bigger than that because I needed the calories at this point in the day. The pic on the right is what we had for breakfast. The peanut butter is natural ( only 2 ingredients), and the bacon contained no hormones, nitrates, or nitrites.

I went grocery shopping on Friday and bought fresh strawberries, tangerines, cauliflower, carrots, and celery. I will cut them up (except the tangerines, of course) tonight for snacking. I love having them ready to eat. I did buy chips. However, I bought organic and limited myself to a small handful. I don’t consider that cheating. It would be cheating if I ate the entire bag lol. See my reasoning there? 😉

Overall, I’m very proud of myself for staying focused and consistent – two things I’m terrible at. My depression symptoms have been minimal, so that alone makes this worth it.

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