Note to self: No drinking for a while

No drinking! If I repeat this enough, maybe I’ll adhere to it. 😀

Last night it was such a beautiful evening. An evening like that called for beer. Hubs and I love sitting out on our deck drinking a beer and enjoying the peacefulness of nature. However, once in a while, I drink more than I should. I never drink more than 3 beers, and most of the time, I just have one or two.

Well, I had to go and buy Redd’s Raspberry Ale. Have you ever had that shit? OMG! It’s like drinking raspberry juice. I knew I was in trouble at the first drink. I drank THREE in a short period of time, which I know NEVER to do. But I did. And what freaking happened? A huge headache that lasted 12 hours! And I didn’t even get drunk. Just a buzz.

So, I told hubby NO DRINKING FOR A WHILE. We’re not big drinkers anymore. We got carried away with alcohol a few years ago and decided to never drink as much as we did back then. It was crazy ridiculous. Not to mention I’m no 21-year-old anymore. Can’t handle my booze lol.

Plus, it bloats me out like a mother.

Plus, drinking interferes with weight loss.

So, note to self: NO DRINKING FOR A WHILE.

Today is a new day and I’m making sure I drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods. Actually, yesterday my eating was fine. It was the damn alcohol.

But I have to step up my game with weight loss because I’m not losing any weight, and I need to. Going to start using my containers form the 21 Day Fix and follow that eating plan throughout the rest of Insanity: Max 30.

No drinking: alcohol meme

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