This thing called fitness: Finally starting to get it!

Please ignore my gray hair. LOL I’m coloring it tonight.

It only took me SEVEN years for it to finally click. 😀 Better late than never!

I started my fitness journey in January 2010 with Insanity. Since then, I’ve endured a LOT in my personal life that sent my depression into overdrive. I’ve struggled with consistency with working out, eating healthy, and staying positive.The first thing I want to do when I’m having a bad day is to blame the entire world instead of myself, and then go eat half a pizza.

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Planning Meals and Scheduling Workouts

I’ve never really been a planner. No, not me. I have always been a procrastinator.

Today, I was thinking about how I need to focus on myself and stop procrastinating at everything I do – workouts, meal planning, cleaning, etc. And the best way for me to do that is to PLAN – plan my workouts and every single meal I eat; schedule what cleaning needs to be done on each day.

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The struggle is real, folks

“The struggle is real, folks!” Famous last words from anyone trying to lose weight and get into shape LOL!

Oh, but the struggle is so REAL. It truly is. And I hate it when I see women who act like it is never a struggle for them. Yeah, okay. Sure.

I struggle every single day.  I probably always will. That is the reality of living a healthy lifestyle. For me, that is.

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Nothing Like a Good Sweat Fest!

Seriously, there is nothing like a good sweat fest to make you feel amazing and powerful! I finished working out about an hour ago now, and I feel 10 times better than I did before I worked out!

I wanted to skip it. But I sucked it up and just did it! And I pushed myself hard today. to the point I was nauseous, which isn’t hard to do with Insanity, but this I normally don’t get that way with the one I did today. So, must have pushed a bit too hard? LOL! Yay me!

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Blog, it’s been a while

Yes, blog, it’s been a while. I purposely have not posted on this blog for a month. I thought there was no point until I got serious about this fitness journey. As you can see from my past posts, I struggle with consistency.

But today is a new day and new month, so here I am. Let the blogging begin.

Working Out

I managed to actually workout three days last week. That was my goal. It didn’t matter if they were back-to-back, as long as I got them in.

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Allergies are driving me insane!

I don’t know what is up with this week, but my allergies are driving me insane! I’ve been having problems all week, but yesterday and today have been the WORST! When I get a major allergy attack, I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze all day long, and my nose runs like a mother. I haven’t had one as bad as yesterday in 2 or 3 years or so. It lasted from the time I woke up, all day long, through the night, and into today. It sucks.

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Fitness Journey: Here I Go Again

And suddenly the Whitesnake song is running through my head. LOL!

So, like many times before, I gave up on my fitness journey. Well, sort of.

More like, put on hold. 😉 I worked out here and there but didn’t really commit to it.

I do not know what it is about trying to get in shape and lose weight that makes it so easy to give up and walk away. I mean, seriously. Solid nutrition and exercise makes you feel amazing. But why is it that we cannot seem to use that as motivation? Why is giving up so easy but starting a journey to overall good health is HARD? Even harder? STICKING WITH THE DAMN THING.

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