Insanity Max 30: Week 2 and healthy eating wrap-up

Week 2 was not as good as last week – 4 workouts in versus 6. However, I am not at all disappointed in that. 4 is better than 0.

Sometimes this journey feels like forever. Will I ever get to my goal weight? Will I ever be able to do more than I can right now? But then I looked at the pics below, and I am very happy with myself. It’s a slow process, yes, but anything is better than no process or progress.

Week 2: Progress pics
(L) Early 2016; (R) May 2017
Week 2: Progress pics side view
(L) Early 2016; (R) May 2017
Week 2: more progress pics
(L) March 2017; (R) May 2017

Yes, my bathroom is always messy. That’s the room I hate cleaning the most lol.

Am I where I want to be? Not even close. My total weight loss goal is 45 pounds. I’ve lost 13 so far, and I did that by fall of 2016. I’ve managed to keep the weight off. Now, I’m ready to lose more. However, if I lose 35 lbs vs 45 lbs, I’ll be happy. But I need to lose at least 35 to be in my healthy weight range.

My eating has been good this week. Not as good as last week but I’m happy. I’m enjoying eating healthier foods and I want to keep going! I’ve found some more great recipes that I’m trying this week and that helps. I get really bored with the same foods very quickly. I need to mix it up!

The past week was a bit rough for me as far as my depression goes. There was an incident with my son, which turned out to be minor, but it stressed the hell out of me, and my depression symptoms were back in full force. However, that was ONE day. I told myself I would snap out of it by the next day, and I did. This is a huge step for me because I can easily dwell in my own depression, and I am so over that.

Bring on Week 3!

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